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We are an all volunteer feline rescue, so resources and time are limited.

To Our Community: When this journey started fourteen years ago, I never envisioned Country Cats Rescue to be what it is today. I am proud of my (our) accomplishments and all the animals I (we) have helped and adopted over the years, but the time has come to start the process of retirement, my second retirement.
Rescue is unforgiving and demanding and it takes over your life. When my husband, my biggest cheerleader and partner in rescue passed in 2015, priorities changed... in my life. I did not want to make big changes immediately, but the time has come to rethink my future.
It has been a crazy ride; and I would like to say over the years, I have met some nice folks and some not so nice folks. Many have used my kind heart and yet I have met some of the best supporters, adopters and rescue folks whom have come into my life and I now consider friends and family.
Rescue has been rewarding and it has had its heartbreak; thankfully, more rewards than heartbreak. I have learned so much, had many joys but the sorrows when they do happen can drain the life from you. To realize you cannot save them all, you cannot be everything to everyone 24/7. You must take time for yourself, yet that is where my struggle begins, finding that time because rescue is unforgiving, it is 24/7.
It will not be easy to start the transition process and it will take time to complete as we still have many kittens and cats who need to find homes. Our work is never done. I will not lie; this will be hard, as my heart loves what I do…..but
Starting in Year 2018, we no longer will be accepting any new kittens or cats; we will only be finding homes for the ones that are still in foster care. I will continue to need your support through this transition: ADOPT, DONATE, And VOLUNTEER. Become empowered to make a difference in your own way. Help a cat or animal in need; spay/neuter your cat, a community cat, your neighbor’s cat because it does take a village to make a difference.
And for the good news, it will not be a complete retirement as I do plan to stay involved with the Community (feral) Cat Program. I will continue to support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) but on a very limited basis. After all, feral cats started the journey so long ago.
It took years to build Country Cats Rescue; it will take time to end the era. So please bear with us. Thanks to all who have supported my passion; who have adopted, and my hopes are that you will continue to support Country Cats Rescue during this transition.
Godspeed… Joan, Founder of Country Cats Rescue

COUNTRY CATS RESCUE, INC. is a small no-kill volunteer-run not-for-profit 501(c)3 which is a foster-based feline-only rescue group whose mission is to find permanent homes for our cats and kittens in the Fredericksburg area, Spotsylvania County, and surrounding areas in Virginia. 


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